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Yemi Alade Reveals How Her Unique Fashion Choice Has Impacted her Music

The iconic Nigerian songstress, Yemi Alade, albeit known for her good hit music is also known for her unique fashion style.

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For those who haven’t noticed yet, Yemi Alade is that beautiful lady who in almost all of her videos spruces up in stylish Ankara materials or African prints.

As her brand is known for that, Yemi in an interview with Muse Africa, I asked her how her unique styling has impacted her career? she replied that to her it has become like a uniform which is a clear embodiment of culture, fashion, and belongingness. Expressing that “I enjoy wearing it, other than the fact that people associate the ankara fabric to Africa, I feel joy wearing Ankara. The color the patterns the beauty that it brings to any design”.

Watch full video here:

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