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Yemi Alade Reveals the Impact COVID 19 Had on Her Songs

The Johnny global hitmaker, Yemi Alade, in an interview with Muse Africa gave Ghanaians the general outlook of Nigeria since the presence of Covid 19. What had become the new normal and what’s hasn’thasn’t

Over a month ago, according to a report on the global performance of music streams during the presence of COVID 19 into the world, it was revealed that the was a reduction in the streams of music globally. This came as a surprise since people were expecting a surge in streams since online was the only go to for entertainment around the world.

When asked if this plunge in streams affected her works online, Yemi Alade revealed that it was the opposite for her. According to her, the streams on her song streams tripled during the introduction of COVID 19 and it’s accompanied restrictions.

Watch full interview her:

story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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