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Here is How TikTok has Driven Yemi Alade’s Songs

Unlike most social media platforms, Tiktok was fully accepted and explored by Ghanaians during the partial lockdown period. This sounds ironic considering the intensity of the panic and fear surrounding COVID 19 in Ghana.

Yemi Alade/ Source: Instagram

As Tiktok craze was the go-to entertainment platform for most people especially entertainers, here is how Yemi Alade used Tiktok to drive her music. Speaking to Muse Africa she explained that:

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“Tiktok is a platform for sharing music, for enjoying music and or incorporating music just like Instagram was a new thing for us all. so on every platform, I try to share my music, so when I released my song “Boyz’ i specifically shared it to Tiktok the same to Triller, that’s where all my fans are.”



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