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Trigmatic Educates on The Difference Between Traditional Music and Highlife

During an interview with Dela Botri, he expressed to Muse Africa that, Ghana music Award Schemes do not even celebrate or award the traditional songs of Ghana.

Probing into his concern, 3 Music Award Scheme revealed that they are yet to consider such categories into the scheme. VGMA on the other hand has recently taken that category out of the scheme.

As conversations on the issue were ongoing, it seems there is a bigger problem than the genre not being awarded. Some young Ghanaians do not even know what traditional music are and the difference between that and highlife is.


Trigmatic who is intellectually buoyant in music seized the opportunity to educate millennial on the matter.

He explained that ” Ghana’s traditional music is spread across the various geographic locations. The people from the coast have their own unique sound; a very complex polyrhythmic sound played by drums and bells. Heavy bass drum and sharp talking drums. The northern sector has various Types of sounds often very melodic and played on string instruments such as the kologo and gonjey and accompanied by flutes and talking drums and the list goes on and on. So bands like BIG TWINS BAND, musicians like Okyerema Asante, Kwanpa, ancient, Dela Botri and hewale sound, Kena and co are all examples of traditional music players even though they ones a while improvise and add a few new imported sounds.”

He added that “highlife was born out of musical evolution and import and export of sounds and different cultures. Uniquely or originally Ghanaian but with a fusion of other western sounds. The guitar band culture was big at the time and led by musicians like Jacob Sam and sam’s Trio (Yaa Ampomah ), the Ek Nyame, and co. Anyways all I’m trying to say is there’s a distinction between the traditional music (folkloric) and highlife (popular music ) music. Eg Nigeria has the Yuroba, Ibo, and Hausa and they all have their own unique traditions and music. Some of these evolved into popular music like Juju music, Fuji, and even Afrobeat.”

Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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