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Shatta Berry Says She Is Tired Of School! Here Is Why

Stardom, though accompanied by many advantages also comes with some discomfort that most people are unable to handle, hence falling off the wagon or been burnt out by the limelight.

It’s even more difficult for child stars who are not ready for such kind of lives. In most cases, if parents are not strong enough to guide them through it, it makes them turn out a little bit not themselves. But of course, there are cases where child stars have grown into their fullest potential doing the most in their field.

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Narrowing it to Ghana, one show that produces child stars has been Talented kids, Nsromma to mention a few. Speaking to one of the stars from Talented Kids, Shatta Berry, and the young musician expressed that “I’m tired of school but I’ll go” she exclaimed.

This outburst of course was probed into by the host of the show, Sammyflex. According to Shatta Berry, she is simply overwhelmed by the number of students who constantly crowd on her to ask her questions all the time about her career.

She narrated that, “when I go to school and like I’m just going to buy something and eat, they come and gather and be asking me questions, I don’t know who ill answer. A lot of them will gather so I don’t know whom ill answer.” She further responded that” they ask me about talented kids, my performance, blah blah blah, I’m tired! So when they ask me questions, I just run back to the class I don’t get out again.”

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This is concerning and should be dealt with properly by the management of the school and her parents to ensure her comfort.


Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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