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Shatta Berry Reveals The Real Reason Behind Her Eviction From Talented Kids

Since the introduction of Talented kids by TV3, one of their kid stars who has got Ghanaians talking has been Shatta Berry.

Like the other kids on the show, Shatta Berry is talented and artistic, but one thing that set her apart from the rest was her fondness for shatta Wale and her ability to perform all of the songs of the dancehall king, Shatta Wale. Which is why people were unhappy about her eviction.

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Speaking to Shatta Berry, she revealed that the reason behind her eviction was mainly political. Explained that, she was evicted because she granted an interview with Adom TV during the competition. According to her “I went to Adom TV to go do some interview after my donation, so we invited TV3 to come but they did not come, and afterwards when I went to the show, they told my father that they will evict me, so they evicted me, just of I went to Adom Tv to go and do some interviews.”

This of course has raised eyebrows and has got people talking.


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