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Stonebwoy’s BMG press statement timely but misdirected

The Burniton Music Group (BMG) led by Stonebwoy has released a press statement concerning the recent attack on Kelvyn Boy at the launch of Electroland Ghana’s new branch in Ashaiman.

Stonebwoy’s BMG press statement timely but misdirected

Thugs led by a person associated with Stonebwoy disrupted the launch and attempted to physically assault Kelvyn Boy.

This led to many speculating, the attack could have had the blessing of the head of BMG.


However, in the press statement, BMG denied any association of the attack and also distanced Stonebwoy from the incident that has received a lot of media attention.

They also denied ever engaging the leader of the thugs, Kelly in any working relationship either before or after the incident debunking the fact that Kelly was a former or current bodyguard of Stonebwoy.

Most parts of the press statement were directed at Kelvyn Boy’s tweets following the incident in Ashaiman.

Although Kelvyn Boy didn’t directly mention Stonebwoy’s name, you would not be far off if you assume he did.

However, the tweets didn’t warrant the amount of space Kelvyn Boy enjoyed on the BMG press statement.

What I expected in the press statement, was them condemning the attack whiles distancing the Stonebwoy brand from the attack – only the later happened.


The press statement although done timely is very misdirected, as it shallowly addresses the accusations but talks more about Kelvyn Boy’s tweet, leading to loopholes.

The press statement stated Stonebwoy had never worked with the leader of the Attackers; named Kelly, but the two have been spotted several times with Kelly being a part of Stonebwoy’s security detail.

It could have been it wasn’t in an official capacity but once he has been with the team for a considerable number of years, he is associated with Stonebwoy and that they can’t deny.

What they should have done was admit knowing the attacker and condemn his act but no, they rather denied ever working with Kelly.

Maybe they haven’t watched the video, but the denial in the press statement causes a lot of debate.

I also believe Kelvyn Boy’s tweets shouldn’t have been addressed in the press statement, as that only goes to confirm, he was talking about Stonebwoy.

It should have rather tackled the rumors among the public and on social media that their lead Artist was behind the attack.

Like Kelvyn Boy’s tweets, this BMG press statement was written with a lot of emotions rather than facts.

I don’t know the Public Relations Officer at Burniton Music Group, but press statements like these only add to the problems.

Written by Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh

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