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Is The Media The Cause Of The Surge In Controversies In The Ghanaian Music Industry? A Tilly Akua Nipaa Story

The new phase of the Ghanaian music industry is riddled with controversies.  From artists going after each other or selling sensitive topics in order to garner the needed traction to promote their works.

These occurrences of course mean a payday for the Ghanaian entertainment media space. Some credible media men forcefully spark controversies simply for the eyeballs! Others will only talk about an artist if there is something controversial about them to discuss and not their works.

Obviously, this has forced the Ghanaian artists to shroud themselves in so many gimmicks to drive their works. So the question is, should the media be blamed for the surge in controversies in the Ghanaian music industry?

In an interview with Dela Botri, he expressed that “the brand of music or the mainstream music that people are recognizing now, it’s because they are getting attention and today the attention-getting is that you have to go and beef someone to get.”

He believes this problem could be solved if the media goes back to doing the real work, expatiating that “The media has to do more research, there are a lot of people doing what I’m doing but the media isn’t going down there to see what is happening, then you don’t get to know what is happening.”

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He is certain that this move by the media will open up the door for more genres including theirs to be part of the mainstream songs in Ghana. Because for him when it comes to beefing for attention, he doesn’t believe in that!

This reiterates the fact that the media also has a role to play in the kind of contents the artists put out for public consumption. This conversation could be stretched unto the readers who have also shown keen interest in controversial stories instead of the good products from the artists. But today let’s just focus on the media. It can do better by balancing out the controversies with the good stories that help in the projection of the good songs to Ghanaians and the rest of the world.

Watch interview with Dela Botri here:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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