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Ghana Music Award Schemes Leaving out Ghana’s Traditional Music Genre Is Pretty Ironic! Here Is Why

The misunderstanding that comes with every award scheme around the world seems to increase annually during any award ceremony. In Ghana be it music, model, bloggers, fashion, awards, etc. “We can’t satisfy everybody” is their go-to defense to escape some dissatisfied patrons of the shows.

In an interview with one of Ghana’s finest traditional musician, Dela Botri, he raised a concern that “I’m not saying this in a controversial manner, but I’m speaking my mind that sometimes when I go to music awards I don’t see traditional music, but you are talking about Ghanaian music. If you are talking about Ghanaian music, then we are all involved in it, because we have various forms of traditional music. We have various types of music in Ghana, we have highlife music, we have traditional formed from different forms of rhythms across the country, and we have brass band music, we have palm wine highlife, Seprewa highlife music, we have various kind of Ghanaian traditional music but they only show people who have the name.”

He further suggested that “they have to mix, because countries like Mali, Senegal and other countries, they have 75% of their music original music being played with their indigenous instrument, blended with the traditional mixed with the contemporary context.”

However, after researching into his concerns, I notice that, the Vodafone Ghana music awards some time back use to award and celebrate traditional instrumentalists or musicians only not in a grand style as they do the other categories.

But recently that has been taken out of the scheme. 3 Music Award Scheme, on the other hand, have since their inception not added that category to the scheme yet. Which obviously begs the question: How do you celebrate Ghana music and leave out the traditional indigenous music of the land?

Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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