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Asem to sue Amerado for his Yeeten Nsem series

New York-based Ghanaian rap legend Asem has revealed he can sue rapper Amerado his weekly news series Yeeten Nsem because he owns the patent and copyright of the concept.

Asem used to give fans a yearly run-up of the major Entertainment happenings in a song dubbed Fylla released at the end of the year.

The roundup was always anticipated every end of the year but Asem paused on the song and hasn’t done it in a few years.


Amerado in 2020 begun his weekly news program, which follows a similar Patten as Fylla titled Yeeten Nsem.

In a tweet, Asem revealed he didn’t have an issue with Amerado but he believes the rapper should have reached out to him first.

He wrote; 

I don’t have anything against Amerado, I wish him nothing but the best. But he should have reached out and seeked my blessing before starting his series. It is my concept and I have the patent & copyright to sue him and any media house publishing that content. #YeeteNsem ASEM ✊

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