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Tracy Sarkcess Expresses Her Displeasure with a Parody Account

The Sarkcess family, who have recently been able to safely return to Ghana after months of being locked out abroad have had people talking since their arrival was announced.

Sarkcess Family/ Source: Instagram

Prior to pictures circulating of their arrival, an account on twitter which borrows a striking resemblance at that of Tracy Sarkcess @TracySarlcess tweeted “Welcome to Ghana. @sarkodie and myself with Titi have arrived in Ghana. Thank you for the travelling mercies.” This post of course drew attention of Ghanaians on the possible arrival of the family.

Not long ago, Tracy Sarkcess has quoted the parody account expressing her displeasure with the tweet made about her and the family pretending to be her. She tweeted “Can you stop this nonsense and fake account please?! Impersonating someone is a crime! If it’s a parody account fine but let it be known and stop deceiving people. It’s my name your playing with. Thank you & good morning.”

Can this post stop the operations of Parody accounts? Should she rather warn people to be vigilant?

Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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