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Some Artists Who Have Defended Reggie Rockstone from Shatta Wale

Like usual, the “controversial” Ghanaian dancehall king, Shatta wale, has found a new subject for his trolls. After beefing Samini, Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, and his militants, the Grandpapa Reggie Rockstone seems to have fallen on Shatta wale’s radar.

Shatta Wale/ Source: Instagram / @shattawalenima

Branding him a pauper for selling waakye, and trashing his impact in the Ghanaian music industry has been the conversation on Shatta’s lips. This of course has gone on for a while with no one mustering the courage to chastise shatta wale.

Reggie Rockstone/ Source: Instagram/@reggierocksone

However right after his interview with Nana Ama MC Brown, Praye tietie in a post addressed Shatta wale and cautioned him to desist from the act of constantly looking down on people and especially pacesetters like Reggie. He encourages him to enjoy his money if he has and stop calling others poor. He posted:

Praye tietia/ Source: Instagram/@prayetietia

Shortly after that, Captain Planet of 4X4 has asked Shatta Wale to leave Reggie Rockstone alone. Only asking him to give whom honor is due since he believes that Reggie is the Grandpapa of the music industry and should be accorded that respect.

Captain Planet/ Source: Instagram/@captainplanet4X4

He further elaborated while on the TV’s Rythmz live with Regina Van Helvet that there are two types of music industry; people who are into music and those into music business. Stressing that Shatta should leave Reggie Rockstone alone.

Hopefully, Shatta wale will heed to this salient advice from these artists and turns a new leaf or is expected to come at these two with a full inferno.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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