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Shatta Wale’s Former Right Hand Man Shares “Life without Shatta Wale”

The shatta Movement camp has been one that has seen the most fallout, drama, and changes over the years.

Recently one thing the movement has been shrouded with has been the breakaway and departure of some of the artist’ friends and confidants from the camp. Mostly not amicably as expected, with Joint 77 being the latest.

Shatta Movement/ Source: Instagram

Though people like Pope Skinny has been in recent videos expressed how good life is without the ‘toxicity’ of shatta Wale and his people, it seems the story is not the same for Ara B who left earlier than pope and the militants. According to him,”There were so many things Joint was saying that I disagree with. I was the first person to have a beef with Shatta Wale in the camp. I started that dirtiness and people like Pope Skinny, Addi Self and others have come to take advantage of it. I regret leaving the camp but a part of me also doesn’t regret it because of the people that surrounded 1 Don.”

He went on that “It wasn’t anything between me and Shatta. At that time, it was the people around him. They made the work feel very uncomfortable. Basically, it was misunderstanding and miscommunication because of the people around him.”

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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