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Here is how Special Wednesday is to Sena Huks

Just as people assign auspicious or ominous believes to days and happenings around them, the Na You hitmaker, Sena Huks, has also expressed his believes and the good tidings brought to him on Wednesdays.

Speaking with me on his When It’s Day (Wednesday) Album, Sena Huks revealed every good thing about the album was manifested on a Wednesday. Right from writing times, studio sessions to features response and the release of the album. Sena Huks expatiated that since the younger stages of his life through to his career, Wednesdays have always been good to him hence the decision to name the album When Its Day (Wednesday).

The incredible streams of his album is a confirmation of how good the day is and how artistically inclined Sena Huks is. It’s been a year since the album dropped and yet every single song from Na You, Oh Girl Oh, Wednesday, Things, No more, I no dey Get you to Send Me Your Love, still resonates with listeners because of its quality.

Click on the link below to enjoy some good tunes from Sena Huks:


Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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