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How Artists Can Benefit from the New Twitter Feature

In case you not aware, Twitter has added a new feature to the app, voice tweet.

This, of course, are for some selected account for some form of trial. Artists like Cardi B, Pappy Kojo, and some others have used the feature which has piqued interest and stirred up conversations among their fans and followers. Though convenient for many reasons artists can use this feature for more.

Cardi B/ Source: Instagram/ @iamcardib

Voice audio feature is a perfect way for musicians to stay connected with their fans. Especially going to help artists to quickly do damage control with a voice note once a tweet made is not well received by fans.

Pappy Kojo/ Source: Instagram/@pappykojo

Also, artists can simply use the feature to drop quick freestyles where ever they are without burdening themselves with any camera.

Up and coming act can use this for quick auditions on twitter in case an artist requests for a quick demo or freestyle.

Finally, imagine how special it would be to hear the voices of some big acts sending love to their fans and friends without having to do it in a song?

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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