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2 Things Artists Should be Mindful of With the New Twitter Feature

We woke up and twitter had added a voice note feature to the app. Like me, there are a lot of people who went straight into their app store, quickly updated their version hoping to attain the new feature. Much to my dismay, it is for selected accounts on twitter. Maybe a trial of a sort to be sure if it could be fully inculcated into the app.

 While most people are thrilled by this new feature, let’s just take a look at how this feature can affect our musicians and their works.

With the feature allowing recording for two minutes and thirty seconds; which is the duration for most songs, a twitter user could record a newly released song put it on the app and claim all the traffic and numbers the artists were hoping to use to build their numbers and earn from.

Also, fans with this app have a simpler way of expressing their frustration which they can’t type out to these stars. I can only imagine some mean tweets at our stars in the form of a voice note.

Though not enough these are genuine concerns that our musicians would have to deal with once they get access to the app.

Hopefully, twitter will put in measures to ensure that all these concerns are addressed if they decide to make it a permanent feature on the app.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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