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‘Waakye in a Jar’ – a brilliant innovation

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The food business is one of the easiest businesses to start in Ghana.

However, it is also one of the hardest to market as food joints are scattered all over.

One of Ghana’s favorite rice meals is Waakye, and you can’t walk into any community in Ghana without finding a waakye joint.

Waakye is food made from Rice and beans ate with Shito.

It is usually accompanied with Chicken, Fish, or ‘wele’.

However, it’s easy availability and popularity brings up the problem of marketability.

It’s hard to market waakye in a way that makes yours special because everyone’s waakye is special but the truth is most taste or look the same.

You choose your waakye joint based on customer care, the taste of food, and location.

One of Ghana’s popular waakye joint was Auntie Munie waakye; she had a lot of celebrity customers and had her name featured in songs. 

She is famous for having a lot of celebrity customers, making her a go-to person for waakye but she doesn’t have a trademark or proper marketing tool.

If you see her waakye it’s no different from the one at my Junction.

Reggie Rockstone’s waakye named Rockz Waakye, has also gained so much popularity due to Shatta Wale mocking Reggie Rockstone for selling waakye.

Even with their popularity, it’s hard to visually differentiate one waakye from the other, well, that was until Social media began to buzz over the Waakye in a Jug.

Waakye in a Jug / Source: Twitter
Whose idea was it to put Waakye in a Jug?

‘Waakye in a Jug’ is packaged by Jartago a meal-planning and delivery solutions business.

Jartago conceptualized ‘Waakye in a Jug’ as a product in 2017.

It has taken them 3 years to finally turn the concept into a viral reality.

Waakye hasn’t had this much media publicity in years and Jartago is the reason.

They have changed the packaging of a meal usually served in a leaf or plastic pack into a glass jug.

Public Opinions are divided on the new waakye packaging.

Some feel the packaging is a disgrace to the waakye culture, and have begun a #WaakyeLivesMatter trend on twitter.

I disagree with the above people as I see ‘Waakye in a Jug’ as an innovation.

‘An innovation that has not only generated them publicity but also income.’

As the world pushes for a reduction in plastic waste, Waakye in a Jug is a step in the right direction.

The waakye in a Jug is a collaborative effort with Rockz Waakye.

Rockz waakye in waakye in a jug
Rockz Waakye powers Waakye in a Jug / Source: Twitter

Reggie Rockstone in a chat with Kwame Citi FM’s Dadzie stated the Jar packaging was only meant for hotels.

β€œIt is for ten hotels; some here and outside. Not for public,” he wrote.

The ‘Jug’ packaging should be made available to the public.

I still want to enjoy my waakye in a leaf, I won’t mind surprising a friend or loved one with ‘Waakye in a Jug’.

Waakye in a Jug might just become the new cool.

Story by: Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh

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