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Sprucing Up With the New Covid-19 Fashion. A Tilly Akua Nipaa Story

In less than a quarter of a year, so much has changed in the lives of all people around the world as the Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world. Like every novel case, the world has had to go on recess to study its characteristics in other for it to bounce back stronger and fiercer to battle the virus. In some parts of the world, AI has taken over jobs, movement has been restricted for so long, with others doing all they can to stay alive until a vaccine is found.

One aspect of human life that has changed during the presence of this virus has been fashion. During the initial stages of the outbreak, gloves were the go-to protective wear in order not to touch affected places. Gloves because physical contact with affected persons and surfaces were advised by experts to be the fastest mode of contraction.

Soon after, the wearing gloves seem to have been diminishing; except at medical facilities where they are mandated to wear gloves, then came wearing of nose mask. The trends of nose mask have been one that has been in vogue the longest since the presence of the coronavirus. It was also informed by aficionado’s advice of airborne contraction of the virus and how it can be curbed with the simple wearing of a nose mask.

I must say, there have been ridiculous things used in place of the nose mask, mostly done by people out of ignorance, poverty or for the humor of it.

Other celebrities around the world also unconsciously hammered it into their millions of followers by wearing it out, during interviews, shows or any interactions with people. This of course encouraged more people to joining the party even without any dictum from authorities stating so.

Now, the fashion of wearing a nose mask has switched up with fashionistas creating beautiful pieces made out of materials to complement a look. In Ghana for instance there have been some stars or fashion icons who have inculcated the wearing of mask into their style with every piece of clothing coming with its own mask to accessories the look.

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