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Rex Omar Gives Updates on Ghamro Website

Some Ghanaian musicians for some time have been complaining about the long and cumbersome process of GHAMRO and making information about the organization accessible.

they believe that’s considering the digital advancement in all parts of the world and every institution, it is quite odd that an institution like GHAMRO has no solid website to help assist artists with necessary information. they believe it could even help with the registration of their songs and solve e the problem of login and royalty system in Ghana.

Replying to this, the Chairperson of GHAMRO, Rex Omar, in an interview with Muse Africa replied that the website is still under construction so they get high tech, high functioning websites that will help solve such problems. He urged artists to remain patient since things like this do not happen overnight.

Watch all he said in the link below:

Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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