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Welcome To The Table, But Here Is What You Need To Know About GHAMRO; Rex Omar to Alliance for Change

Muse Africa interviewed Reggie Zippy. He has been very involved in the alliance for change movement by some Ghanaian creatives, the musician stated that their mission is simply “to make sure things are working for artists which will trickle down to all in the entertainment industry, beginning with the Royalty system”.  Adding that they are willing and ready to employ and invest in the right structures even if they have to import ‘brains’, only if GHAMRO would allow.

Responding to this request, Rex Omar in an interview with Muse Africa said that “Alliance for change are welcome with their alliance but they should know that things don’t happen overnight”. Touching on their willingness to invest if that’s what it took, Rex Omar said “Everything that is supposed to be done is done with money. Technology is not for free, so when people use the word login, login is not done for free.”

Mr. Rex Omar also opined that the opposite of what some artists think, Ghamro is not in charge of the collection of monies from songs they upload on digital platforms like iTunes. Stressing that, some of these artists upload their songs for free and when they aren’t making anything and are frustrated, come complaining about GHAMRO. He explained that “Royalties is a supplementary income not the main.”

He concluded that “as for complaining everyone can complain, we welcome alliance for change they are welcome we will sit with them.”

Click on the link to watch the full interview:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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