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Rex Omar Replies Artists Claiming GHAMRO Registration Process is Cumbersome

Like Sena Huks, there are a countless number of Ghanaian artists who are not registered to GHAMRO mainly because they think the process is cumbersome. Sharing an experience with Muse Africa’s Tilly Akua Nipaa, Sena Huks revealed that he has been to GHAMRO a couple of times but, the delay, postponement, and the cumbrous process of registering detected him from signing on to them. He then suggested that considering how advanced the digital space is, there should be a way for such processes to be easily accessed and done with little or no stress in doing it.

Mr. Rex Omar who is the chairperson on GHAMRO  responding to Muse Africa entertainment presenter Tilly Akua Nipaa stated that “The new generation, excuse me to say are lazy, they are lazy! They want everything to be done for them, it is your song, it’s like me telling you that I’ve bought a car but as I’m going to register my car and get a number plate, insurance, and everything, it’s too cumbersome, someone should stop and come to your house to come and teach you”. Stressing that ” it is a simple form, it is a booklet, the information you are putting in is about yourself and your song. But some of these it there and say but can we…”

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He revealed that “GHAMRO is building its new website, and I know that these same people will have these same problems. You see, I just don’t understand, me I started this thing a long time ago, filling a form of your own song shouldn’t take you 30 minutes. Buttressing that ‘even the time we use to submit CDs you have to go and submit because you the owner have the information, so you have to give your information to GHAMRO, its not true that you have to come to GHAMRO three or four times. What they think is as soon as you go to the studio and do recording you are done and automatically a member of GHAMRO, it is not true, the music must be used, you have to prove to GHAMRO that the music has been performed on radio stations on TV stations on wherever. If it’s your video that a been played or music been played on the radio for at least 6 months that is how it is all over the world”.

This proves that the problem with GHAMRO and artists is a shared responsibility and blame!

Watch the full interview here:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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