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Not All Musicians Can Be Part of GHAMRO, Here Is Why

Ever since the introduction of the Alliance for change movement, conversations, and people have been made aware of the real state of Ghanaian musicians. That in spite of the glamorous and posh life they portray, most of these artists are “hungry”.

While blames has been shifted around for the cause of this problem, one institution that has been the pivot of this conversation has been GHAMRO. Some artists assume that once their songs are receiving airplay, it is an automatic guarantee of receiving royalties from GHAMRO.

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Speaking to Muse Africa on the subject of royalties, and who is eligible to receive royalties, Mr. Rex Omar, the chairperson on GHAMRO refuted that GHAMRO is an entity which does not necessarily deal with artists but right owners. So the fact that you are an artist is not a guarantee for membership. You must first be a member by applying or registering with them, then they decide through a board meeting whom to accept as a member. However, once an artist registers with and declares your songs, a global code will be generated to prove everywhere on the world that the artist is part of GHAMRO and they have the ability to track royalties for that product.

This contradicts some ideas artists in Ghana are selling, that GHAMRO is not giving artist royalties. Especially when they are not registered with GHAMRO.

Watch the full interview here:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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