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Wiyaala Shares Her ‘Grammy’ with the World

In various communities, either business, religious, social, or any, once a person rises to an admirable status or achieves something enviable or iconic, they are normally celebrated in diverse ways. For some, it’s a simple homage and respect received from their people, others name their children with such geniuses in the society, for others, they are celebrated by the people and bestowed the title “celebrity”.

Like Steve Harvey, and Tyler Perry, one of Ghana’s biggest exports in music, Wiyaala, has also had a street named after her. Sharing a picture of the signage, Wiyaala stated that ” some people will make you feel that until you win the Grammy….so….so….so… this and that. Grammy is a music industry thing for music people, let them enjoy. My Greatest Award is in Funsi”.

it could be deduced that contrary to what most musicians see as the greatest honor or award in the industry which is “Grammy”, to her it is RECOGNITION in one’s homeland.

Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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