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What The Public Actually Thinks about Freda Rhymz’s Public Opinion

In spite of the backlash that came with some of the females in the Ghanaian music industry going after each other, they, Eno, Sista Afia, and Freda Rhymes have also reaped some incredible benefits from the beef.

Aside from the obvious boost in their confidence, exponential growth in their social media numbers, or following, and attention to the female in the music space, one important thing has been money! Either directly or indirectly. Eno and sista Afia during the hype of the beef dropped a commercial song: force them to play nonsense and streets respectively. Because of the hype around Eno from her participation in the beef, there was a stupendous number of views on her video when it dropped, topping the trends and charts. Eno was also signed as an ambassador to bet planet immediately after the beef. Sista Afia though not content with the progress of her commercial Streets tune with Akiyana has also made some good money considering the time the song dropped. Even Medikal who was a ‘passerby’ in this beef managed to reap off it timely enough to drop a commercial song that amassed 310k views in 3 weeks topping the trends and sparking conversations when his video dropped.

Freda Rhymes on the other hand in an exclusive interview with music lead of Muse Africa, Yaw Boadu Ayebofo, the rapper explained that “well I will say that I didn’t involve myself in the beef just to get hype and release the song, I mean it’s also a good way to release a song but that wasn’t my intentions you understand? I hopped on the beef because I felt you know, I’m an entertainer and I just want to entertain people and also felt it was necessary to also be a part of the beef, do you understand? Let people know what I can do when it comes to rap and music in general, you understand, and I feel the beef came with its own vibe and everything but at the right time, I feel this is the right time to actually give my fans something to listen to, yeah so I don’t think is late because I believe there is time for everything.”

However the public still opines that considering the buzz around her some weeks ago and how easily the song could have made the trends and top charts, Public Opinion is too late!

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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