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We Are Not Here To Judge the Audiovisuals, Only Access the Content; Socrate Sarfo Educates

Stories on a new government-appointed classification board tasked with overseeing the ratings and classification of audiovisual contents for public viewing have been lightly touched on without an in-depth education on their objectives and goals.

Speaking to an authority on the subject, Socrate Sarfo was given a listening ear to comprehensively explain the new laws governing their outfit and activities he educated that contrary to information that has been flying in the media on the goal and objectives of this committee, he, Socrate Sarfo, who is a member on the board wants to unequivocally say that “We are not here to Judge the audiovisuals only access the content”. Their sole duty is reviewing and classifying audiovisual contents for public viewing into universal, minor friendly or adult content to determine when and where it could be free to air.

He stressed that it is not a censorship board but a classification board. The only way they will ask for content in a video to be changed is if it incites conflict or put Ghana in a bad light. On issues of nudity, once accessing the content, some could have a pass depending on the purpose for the nudity in the video; Nudity with a purpose, like depicting somethings that require the show of nudity to communicate the information, even with that the duration will also be guided.

Commencing on the 1st of July, 2020, the classification board will start accepting works at the premises in Accra from rightful owners. Creatives are to submit their videos 21 days to their intended date of release with 14 working days for the board to review and give their ratings. Hopefully, once work starts more people will be recruited from various regions in Ghana to help ease the pressure on the team.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse! once a product(movie, music videos, commercials, jingles, etc.) created in Ghana for viewing in Ghana goes through the process, they will be given a certificate and a tag on their products to show that it has been approved. The full strength of the law is willing to deal with people who will try to go contrary to the new law or try to outsmart the system if caught.

Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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