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Becca Demands for an Apology from Nana Romeo

After the appalling video wendy shay being duress into admitting an affair with her boss has called some women rights activists talking. Prominent among the many voices have been Lydia Forson who is a commonwealth ambassador and now Becca.

Considering the sensitivity of the issue has finally decided to speak to the matter demanding an immediate apology from the Accra Fm Presenter Becca has decided to add her voice especially considering how he treated Wendy Shay. She tweeted:

The urgency attached to her tweet has shown how pressing the apology to both Kidi and Wendy shay is to her and the progress of the industry. Especially for harassing Wendy Shay in that manner. Corroborating what some women in the industry have said about the way they and their works and successes are perceived by some people.

Though it been over two days since the incident and uproar, Nana Romeo has still not rendered any apology to Wendy Shay and still maintains his position that there was nothing wrong with what he did.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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