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Exclusive Interview: Freda Rhymz Reveals why She Joined the Eno Barony – Sista Afia beef

After all the back and forth on social media after the “apology” incident with Sista Afia on UTV during the United Showbiz programme, rapper, Freda Rhymz talks exclusively to Muse Africa about her new single ‘Public Opinion’ and why she even weighed in on the beef.

In our quest to find out why the rapper popularly known as “saa Chickno” released her first ‘diss song’ we asked ‘the KMT” hitmaker to tell us her motive and her revelations got us interested, so we probed more.

This conversation between Freda Rhymz and my self (Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh) was done via Whatsapp and also touches on her new song.

Fred Rhymz’s new song, titled” Public Opinion” comes at a time where a school of thought who follow rap music think the ‘beef’ between the other two female artists and herself is over but the ‘young mission signed act thinks otherwise.

Listen to this exclusive conversation between Muse Africa and Freda Rhymz as she bears it all.

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