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Socrate Sarfo Congratulates Wendy Shay, Here is what He Thinks

The Ghanaian media space has been set ablaze for some time after a snippet of an interview of Accra FM’s Nana Romeo and Wendy Shay hit the trends. For the first time, opinions have gone in favor of the uber hitmaker, Wendy shay, whom since her introduction into the Ghanaian music scene has suffered trolls which exacerbate every day.

Socrate Sarfo who has been a respected voice in the Ghanaian creative arts and media space has added his voice to the uncomfortable incident. To him, Wendy Shay deserves congratulations for not sitting down for her hard work and success to be looked down on.

To Socrate, “when you ask such stupid questions you are a pervert.” Because it could mean that it’s because of their interest in the female artists that they would want to investigate the love or sex life of these artists.

He added that women should not endure such conversations when they achieve something because to ask a woman such a question is indirectly saying that “they don’t deserve their success.”

Finally, he advises the media to go back to the drawing board, and be guided by the ethics and standards of the business.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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