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Social Media Goes Through the 5 Stages of Grief over Daniel Duncan Williams Social Media Outburst; Let’s Break It Down

Ghana’s social media trends has been dominated by conversations on the viral videos of Arch Bishop Duncan William’s son, Daniel Duncan Williams.

Initially, when the video hit the trends, there was the issue of denial. Most people could not accept that the son of a revered man of God, popular or known around the world could be the one in the video. Even if it was they were certain he did not upload it himself considering the ramifications it could have on him and his family.

Then came anger. Conversations on his improper upbringing were sparked. Most people opined that considering the status and how revered his father is in Ghana and around the world, this can never happen. They then blame the preacher for not inculcating the morals he preaches to his congregation into his family

It then shifted to bargaining. Comments like “it should have been anyone else but Duncan William’s son” started popping up. Comparing what those they say are “in the world” to do and what one from a “Christian Family” has done. They were also trading the reason for his actions with his state of mind, speculating that there must be something wrong with his mentality to have landed him on that tangent.

Depression which stemmed from the implications his actions had on his family, what they may be going through in times like this, and comments about the state of his mental health changed the conversation from anger to depression. At this stage, people were calmer and opened to hear explanations on the subject.

Finally, social media accepted that things like this happen and his father could not be held accountable for the actions of the son.  Others have also called for prayers and support for the family in their hard times.

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