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This is Why Patapaa and AY Poyoo’s songs Sound Alike?

Former mobile boiz rapper, Yaw Grey, who joined the panel members on Sammyflex’s Showbiz Daily on June 8, has opined that, contrary to what people think, some Ghanaians know good songs and appreciate them for what they are just as they are equally aware of bad songs.

To him, though some “bad songs” have made waves or hits in Ghana, it doesn’t take away the fact that people can not differentiate between good and bad rap music.

He believes people only listen to bad songs for a particular purpose and also go for the good records to listen to when in need of good songs to listen to. Citing an example that when someone who knows good music makes his or her playlist “You can’t follow a Patapaa song with an Obrafours song maybe AY Poyoo” because of the difference in the songs.

Yaw Grey also exposed some rappers who replace wordplay with nursery rhymes.  If given the opportunity, Yaw Grey has volunteered to expose all of such rappers who have gotten away with anything but rap in the Ghanaian rap game.

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