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Is Fuse ODG’s Boycott on Coca Cola an Overreaction? A Tilly Akua Nipaa Story

As there has been an increase in looting and vandalism of white-owned shops somewhere in America because of the protest of Racism sparked by the murder of George Floyd, Ghanaian musician based in the UK, Fuse ODG is also calling for the global boycott of major American owned products beginning with Coca Cola.

Though first of the ten major product they intend to boycott, this is the second time Fuse ODG has called for the boycott on a product. It could be recalled that not long ago he advocated for the boycott on Nivea for an inappropriate ad.

Though his heart is in the right place, plausibly and feasibly, should this global boycott of coca-cola be considered? If so, whom on the food chain suffers the most from such boycotts?

In Africa, for a brand or product like coca-cola, most countries who patronize these products have manufacturing companies in the country, which employs human labor from that country, who are blacks or Africans. Distributions of the products from wholesale to retail down to the guy on the roadside are all some form of business chain that employs the same people the boycott is for. Also, the families who depend on the monies made from the production and sales of coca-cola in their various countries. Not forgetting the security men, the genitors, the drivers, and all other services employed in such companies who are in most cases blacks, how does this boycott favor them?

Aside from black people who profit directly or indirectly from the production, sales, and consumption of Coca-cola, how is this boycott going to affect or be known by “Mrs. X” somewhere Nyankpanduri in Ghana? Is this going to be a global campaign with a proper plan of execution or this is simply a social media cry for help!

Story by Matilda Mensah marfo

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