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Beef Song Is A Game To Listeners But Not To The Musicians Involved.

During a lyrical beef between two artists, it is assumed that there is some form of a power struggle at play, where both artists want to prove that they are better or superior to the other in all facets of life.

While fans of these artists enjoy and analyze words sent out to the other in a diss song for fun or as a game, Rapper, Yaw Grey has revealed that beef is never a play or game time for the artists involved, it is always “do or die” since something said or a good song from the opponent could end one’s career.  

He expatiated that in getting involved in beef, artists have to come in bother mentally, emotionally, and most importantly lyrically prepared so they stay ahead of other opponents so they don’t lose their core following or fans to the other after the beef is over. With this in mind, Yaw Grey posited that beef times for artist is a “do or die” moment for them and their career and not a game, like it is to the listeners.

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