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Video: Kofi Mole’s “Tips” on Bathing is Here – Watch

Monday is here again and fans get to enjoy another episode of Kofi Mole’s Mole Mondays.

Began during the lockdown to entertain his fans, Molemonday has grown to be a major part of the multiple-award-winning rapper’s weekly routine.

Gaining an estimated average of 30,000 views per each of the previous eleven episodes, Kofi Mole has amassed over three hundred thousand (300,000) views on YouTube. The least viewed episode is episode 11 titled Heart of a lion with 9.5k views while the most viewed episode is Atwei featuring Joey B with 99k views.

This shows how important Mole Mondays has been for Kofi Mole. In the latest episode titled Adwarie (Bathing), Kofi Mole talks about the importance of bathing and the effects a clean wash has on one’s confidence.

The video as usual was shot by Yaw Phanta.

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