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Stonebwoy Reveals How Far He Would Go To Get Issues of Royalties Sorted In Ghana, Here Is What He Said

Problems of royalties for Ghanaian musicians has been one that has been lingering for so long. Though there have been conversations on various platforms and levels to get this issue sorted, it all has proven futile leaving Ghanaian artists in a state of frustration and destitution.

Ideally, musicians are supposed to make a substantial amount from royalties amassed from the airplay of their songs over time. Yet that hasn’t been the case for most Ghanaian musicians, and nothing to write home about for those who get something. As the anxieties for the financial wellbeing of Ghanaian musicians heighten, blames has also been pushed to various quarters, outfits, and personalities such as GHAMRO and Rex Omar.

In an industry conversation on JoyNewsOnTV with Stonebwoy and a pantheon of astute creative arts players, the topic of “Beyond the Lockdown COVID-19: impact on showbiz” was critically discussed.

According to Stonebwoy, he is willing to go on the street to protest with the alliance for change group, if that is the immediate realistic step to take in expediting conversations on royalties to effect change in their situation. To him, it will be a call that will be for the masses as well, making the masses cognizant of what they go through since music is done for the masses.

But realistically, will protesting be the way to go if the right parties involved are not fully engaged by these musicians to know the right ways and channels to get one’s songs registered in GHAMRO’s system for their royalties?

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