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Singer Ama Slay to take her career to the next level after earning her MBA

Ghanaian singer Ama Slay has earned her Master of Business Administration degree from the Southern New Hemisphere University (SNHU) in the United States.

The singer with singles like My Lover, Ginger, and Asem featuring E.L and Joey B, Ama Slay has been shuffling between Ghana and the US as she furthered he education whiles also working on her budding music career.

Announcing her graduation via Social media, She revealed her laptop had been her best friend for the past three years.

She wrote;

I was told to be proud of my accomplishments. For the past 3 years, my laptop was my best friend, between being in Ghana every 6 months, studio sessions, shoots, media tours I still managed this done. Blessed and Highly Favored

Speaking to museafrica.com via text, Ama Slay revealed her MBA majored in Music Business and she feels she’s now perfectly placed to help grow her career as an artist whiles helping the Ghana Music Industry.

Source: Ama Slay

‘I mean, right now it feels good, I feel very proud and a little bit accomplished because you know I am not done yet so, it’s just another win Under my belt, that I can use to perfect myself and also use to better the industry. Am actually very glad that I made the decision to continue my education because not a lot of people, as not a lot of knowledge about the industry like real knowledge about the industry from the books in Ghana and most people you know they operate based on streets knowledge, I remember, the first time I met bullet, that’s was actually the first time I met Wendy shay. I met bullet and we had a conversation and he was like, so told him I don’t live in Ghana, I do the whole back and forth thing and I told him, yes that am still in school, am getting my degree in the field, and he was like that’s also good but I will need more of the street knowledge because that’s how things are done in Ghana and I looked at him, and I was like oh that’s interesting but I feel like now I want to, I mean with the way things are being done in Ghana a lot of that’s why the industry is so stuck at why it is, comparing to the Nigerian industry because I feel the Nigerian industry operate a lot more on the American level of the American industry. So I just really would love to make a difference, and I know it will take a while because we are stubborn people but it has to at least start from somewhere,’ She said.

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