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Here Is a Message from Bullet to All-Female Artists

In spite of the opinions that most male gatekeepers in the Ghanaian music industry take advantage of the female before offering help, Bullet who has in-depth experience in working with women in the Ghanaian music industry has sent words out to ladies in the music space.

He stated that “It’s not like that all men sleep with females to help them.” Narrating that there have been so many instances where young female artists have reached out to him for help with sex as their only leverage or mode of transaction. He stated that he continually turns them away since that’s not his criteria for helping a good artist.  Like him, he believes there are others who are willing to help females without strings attached.

He further advised them to be God-fearing and cautioned them that “no man should stop them” since he believes that in most cases “men stop women from reaching their full potential.”

 He finally encourages them to keep working hard, know their strengths, and keep pushing or working towards that since it’s easier for women to make it in the industry.

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