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Fuse ODG Calls For The Boycott Of Coca Cola, Is This A Fight Africans Should Join?

Silence is compliance! The brain behind This Is New Africa (TINA) has as part of the protest against racism called for the boycott on America owned businesses. To him, he believes the only way others will take the “black lives matter” campaign seriously is if “we burn down the plantation” figuratively speaking he said. Citing an example that, in spite of the idea out there, the subjugators didn’t just wake up one day to give their people freedom, it was after their subjects burnt down their plantation before they considered the economic loss and had to rethink certain rules.

He believes with this in mind, the only way America would hear the cry of black people is if they talk money with America by “channeling all the energy into economic language since that’s the only way they would understand.”

He further went to state that “Real power is intentional we just have to know our goals, which is freedom and justice” stressing that “a 100 years of being nice, hasn’t got us anything.” This is why to him a global boycott on American products is the way to go, beginning with Coca Cola.

He finally urged blacks around the world to support black-owned businesses so they thrive, which could help change the conversation in the future.

Now, even with the global observation of the social media BlackoutTuesday, some African stars and opinion leaders believed it was unnecessary for Africans to join in that fight since they have real problems that have palpable effects on its people they haven’t even addressed yet. How much more, a deliberate boycott of one of the biggest products and one of the most consumed products in Africa. Will people support this call from Fuse ODG for a fight they believe has nothing to do with them?

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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