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Bullet Speaks On His Relationship with Wendy Shay, Here Is What He Says

Though there have been speculations of an intimate relationship between Bullet and his signee Wendy Shay since her introduction into the music scene, Bullet on MC Brown’s United Showbiz has addressed the issue.

According to Bullet, he gets appalled by such rumors, stating that though he has no problem with managers who date their artists, that’s not the direction he wants for his team. He buttressed his point with a narration of a previous experience being in a relationship with someone who used to manage him during his time as a recording artist. He believes it cumbersome and complicates working relationships in most cases.  

Hopefully, this would mute conversations and rumors on the topic. However, he expresses his admiration for his artist and refuses to disclose her relationship status since she is a big brand entitled to her private life.

Photo credit: Rob Photography

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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