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Akoo Nana sends a strong message to Rex Omar for speaking against the President

The ‘fight’ between Ghanaian musicians and GHAMRO seems to take a different turn every day, while an alliance for change calls for an investigation on GHAMRO and their activities, Akoo Nana, a very vocal person on the subject matter has sent out a strong warning to the chairman of GHAMRO, Rex Omar.

“He who comes into equity must come with clean hands.” According to him, he sees everything wrong with “Rex Omar accusing President of Ghana misusing Ghanaian money for private jet”. He believes Rex is not the right person to assume the moral high chair to accuse the president expatiating that “I want Ghanaians to ask Rex how many cars, and properties he has and how he acquired it if you have the guts to sit on the radio to accuse the president” he must come with clean hands.

He also called for an investigation and auditing into the affairs of GHAMRO, since their budget is more than what they pay Ghanaian musicians.

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