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17-year-old rapper Don Elvi wants you to ‘Believe’ – Watch

At 17, Ghanaian rapper Don Elvi sounds like he is ready for the Ghanaian music industry.

Blessed with a deep voice, Don Elvi raps with such maturity that it is easy to forget you are listening to a teenager.

Don Elvi has a new video out for his song Believe off his major EP “Believe.”

‘Believe’ is a song that is aimed at encouraging people never to give up on their dreams.

The video for believing highlights the dream Don Elvi seeks in Believe. The focus is on luxury cars and wealth. The architecture of the house they shot front represents the houses built for the rich and affluent in the past and its obvious Don Elvi wants to be rich and affluent. The video was directed by Director Bruce.

As the title track of the EP, there is no surprise Don Elvi flexes his muscle by showing the world the influence he has on his fan base mostly made up of students in the Senior High Schools.

Corazon Entertainment might just have struck gold with Don Elvi and if they stay on their current path, the future looks exciting.

Watch Believe by Don Elvi.

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