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Bulldog Gives another Reason Why He Can’t Work with Women, Here Is What He Said

After publicly admitting that he can’t manage a female artist without having an amorous relationship with her, the manager of one of the biggest musicians in Ghana, Bulldog, has revealed another reason why he can’t manage a female artist.

To him, “It’s hard to manage women because they are not emotionally strong.” He elaborated that, in his years of experience as an artist manager, he knows that sometimes artists go through a difficult emotional rollercoaster which requires only a good manager and a strong person to overcome such turmoil quickly and get the work done. With that being said, he believes women are not that strong especially when it comes to emotional issues, which account for his decision not to work with them.

He added that it even gets worse when the female artist is in a relationship with a guy outside the team, they end up getting emotionally manipulated to ditch their dreams and works, which is bad for business and investment.

Hopefully, some women in the Ghanaian music industry signed to labels live an exemplary life that juxtaposes what Bulldog says about the fortitude of women.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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