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Wendy Shay Suggests A Center to Teach New Artists About Rules In The Game, How Plausible Or Feasible Is This?

“The Queen of Ghana Music” as she calls herself has in an interview expressed some hardships she had to overcome when she was initially introduced into the music scene two years ago.

Unlike some artists who had the privilege of learning most of the things they needed to know as underground artists, she didn’t get the opportunity to adequately prepare for the limelight. Emphasizing that “I didn’t get any tutorials on how to be a star.”  To her, some mistakes she made the earliest stages of her career could have been avoided if she had enough time to learn the “dos and don’ts” of stardom. Which is why she would prefer there were “a center to teach new artists about rules in the game” she stated.

Plausibly, one would think that as long as an artist, whether new, old, young or underground decides to venture the industry, they should just be opened to learning on the job and in most cases about the job from various platforms or with predecessors as a good study since stardom cannot be taught; in most cases, fame only amplifies the true nature of the person.

Feasibly, can there be a playbook like a book or a lecture on stardom etiquette? Where conferences, summit, or lectures are held to educate would-be stars on how to handle matters in the chosen field or how to handle themselves as stars.

Ghana for instance abounds with talents who do not know or have a purpose to make them who they are meant to be. In most situations, they wander from one profession to the other with the minds of discovering themselves; leaving very few people to successfully reach their goals or fulfill the purpose of their lives. For such people, no amount of coaching and tutorials could help them.

On the other hand, if such centers exist, it could make up for the “exposure deficiency” most talent lack in some parts of Africa or specifically Ghana, to help them discover their purpose early since they would be cognizant of the path they have chosen without wasting much time.

But the question remains, could the right structures be put in place to ensure the success of such institutions?

Story by Tilly Akua Nipaa

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