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Wendy Shay Shares the Palpable Effects Trolls Have On Their Subjects

Anonymity empowers the coward. Social media has been flooded with users who hide behind anonymity to inflict pain on others. In most situations, the subjects of these trolls have been stars or people in the limelight.

In Ghana, for instance, there has been a constant troll of some selected musicians over the years, topping the list is Wendy shay. For her two years of being in the game, Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay has constantly been under social media attacks either for her looks, her dressing, her personal life, and mostly her posts on social media.

However, most people do not bear in mind the effects trolls or mean comments have on these stars or their subjects of discussion. The “Stevie wonder” hitmaker heartrendingly revealed that “Anonymity is not a shield from the pain people infringe on me on social media.” To them, these comments and posts have palpable effects on their psychological wellbeing and could lead to “suicidal thoughts” she emphasized.

Consequently, she has adopted new strategies to deal with such situations on social media, blocking! and rising above the situation with the help of family and confidants. Though she has found a way to be a “tuff skin girl” others may not be that equipped to handle such circumstances.

She then advised social media users to be demure in their posts and dealings with stars and everyone.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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