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Is Tagging An Artist On Social Media Enough Clearance To Remake Their Songs? A Tilly Akua Nipaa Story

In the past week, Ghana’s entertainment trends have been on the “Drew Rotimi’ saga, one that opened a window for extra or further education on the matter from experts on various platforms.

Though he has conceded that he “stole” the song after the public backlash and the block of the video on youtube, to him his intentions were clear since he tagged and mentioned the owner of the original version, Rotimi, every post he made on social media on the development of his cover/remake of the love Riddim. But was that enough to keep him in the clear?

Tagging is an acknowledgment, not clearance. Aside from laziness, most copyright issues in music stem from lack of education: either misinformation or incomplete education. With Drew as a typical case study, to him tagging and mentioning the original owner of the song, Rotimi, was enough clearance to have remade the song. Clearly, that was not enough!

In music creation, there are various components in place. Before people get to hear the final piece of art there has been various manpower, creative thinking, fastidious components and element, moves and most importantly collective contribution to aid the success of such projects, which is why tagging the “face” of the project (in most cases the musician) is not enough clearance to remake the piece either for monetization purposes or not without going through the right channels and seeking for the right permissions from all quarters involved.

With that said, how then do people, especially artists, reach such information? The right information! So they don’t find themselves in a pickle.

Here at Muse Africa, we offer the right education or information on everything concerning music, from copyright issues, promotion to assisting artists in the monetization of their products with our TunesXmuse initiative. Stay connected with us on our official social media handles, @museafrica for more information.

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