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Artists’ Branding or Packaging and Some Misconceptions They Deal With, Wendy Share Educates

Being a musician or an icon in once field in the entertainment industry transcends just the genre of song or work they put out there. Branding encompasses the complete outlook of an artist, which even accounts for the impressions they leave in the minds of people.

African artists like Angelique Kidjo, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy, Sarkodie, Manifest, Becca to mention a few, have over the years carved a niche for themselves even with the consistency in their dressing which has been a great selling point for these artists.

However, it seems others like Wendy Shay have not had the best of luck with Ghanaians in her decision to stick with a style that works for her and the brand she wants to sell. According to her, she had to change her favorite hairstyle because of some mean comments and insinuations made about the hair and the style. She also had to vary her style of dressing either than the simple tube top and body con skirt or shorts she loved to wear.

Educating her fans on the subject, Wendy Shay stated that whatever she decides to wear, either to interviews, for performances, in music videos or even photos are all “the appropriate uniform” for the field he finds herself in demonstrating that a mechanic cannot wear the attire of a policeman or vice versa to his workplace. She added that even in the health sector, doctors can not wear the uniform of a nurse though they are all in the same field, which is why she expects people to understand that for her line of work, that is the uniform it demands.

Photo Credit: Ace Photography, vibezafrica

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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