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Why Do Some Actors Give Producers Ultimatums?- A Tilly Akua Nipaa Story

 There have been countless cases in the Ghanaian movie industry where both actors and producers do not hold their side of their agreement when work starts. In some situations, actors have refused to play certain roles or work with some actors which of course makes the work difficult for the producers and directors on such projects.

Yet, why do these actors feel the need to make such ultimatums and demands from producers Pre and post-production times?

First of all, contracts that bind these two groups to a decorous working atmosphere is mostly not signed or in place before the commencement of work. Work is mostly been done on a loose verbal agreement and on a “freestyle mode” mostly for lack of adequate planning on the part of the producers.

Also, payment for these artists is usually not enough, at least not enough for the kind of things they do or endure on such sets. Now with no contract in place, when work starts and the actors feel they are doing too much for too little, they begin to set ultimatums for the producers who at the point need them more.

Further, lack of professionalism by some of these actors and their inability to dissociate themselves from the roles they have been paid to play also lead to these ultimatums. There have been cases where some A list actors have refused to work with some actors because of personal relationships and other personal reservations they have about the person. Producers have had to oblige with such preposterous demands because they need them for the success of their project.

Others who have been cast for designated roles refuse to play them wholeheartedly because of their inability to see acting as a business, and a simple embodiment of characters made from someone else’s imagination.

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