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Wendy Shay Speaks On Problems with Women and Their Sexuality in the Music Industry

Wendy Shay in an interview has opined that people do not support women for their works but mostly dwell on their sexuality.

She said that “It’s hard for women to be seen for other things than their sexuality”. To her people would rather focus on her look as a woman than the quality of work she puts out.

This problem has been one that’s lingering in the Ghanaian music space. Sista Afia corroborates this claim and how it affected her growth in the music industry. According to her, people were not taking her seriously and were not focusing on her talent but her body and dressing after a major show. For her, she managed to turn this around after she made a drastic change in her wardrobe. She believes once she was fully covered with no excuse to ignore her talent, people started taking her craft seriously and begun listening to her.

Could this mean that what some women in the Ghanaian music industry present to their viewers and fans is what they talk about? Once they give them a reason to talk about their music, they would. Yet Wendy Shay is unperturbed and willing to use her “nice body” to help in the promotion of her music as long as she can.

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