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Are Women Really Their Own Enemies? Wendy Shay Shares Her Story

Celebrating her tremendous 2nd year in the Ghanaian music industry, the Uber hitmaker, Wendy shay shed light on some negativity and positivity she was welcomed with when she entered the industry.

Accentuating on some of the problems, the musician stated that “women are their enemies”. She expatiated that she has been in situations where ladies she met in her line of work genuinely do not appreciate her basically because she is a lady. She added that this is not just about her colleagues in the industry, to her she has been to events where some of the people there are hostile to her mainly for nothing.

It seems this has been a scourge in various industries, however, it seem severe in the music industry. Most of the women in the industry always complain that they are not being supported by their colleague female artists which clearly defeats the purpose of their cry for help since they can’t support each other.

Women, in general, are advised to support one another in their endeavors to help in their elevation. Once women genuinely are able to do that with no discrimination and biases their cry for help might change.

Wendy Shay is currently promoting her latest song titled “Emergency” which features Bosom Pyung streaming on all digital music platforms with a scintillating video on Youtube.

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