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Are Ghanaians Ready For An App For Virtual Concerts?

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Since the presence of COVID-19, coupled with its social restrictions in the world, all facets of life have had to make serious adjustments and adoptions away from ‘normal’.

In most parts of the world, people have had to give up their freedom of movement and socialization (physically) until there’s been a solid grip on COVID_19 in the world. As a result of such restrictions, entertainers around the world have had to employ new strategies to entertain their fans while maintaining their relevance at the same time.

Narrowing the conversation to Ghana, some musicians like Shatta Wale, Samini, Edem, Manifest, MzVee, etc. have held a virtual concert to entertain their fans. Other musicians are hesitant to do such virtual concerts with hopes of the President lifting the ban on social gatherings so shows can go back to normal.

  • But considering the uncertainty with issues concerning corona, should these artists starve their fans till corona is out or dealt with?
  • Should an avenue (app) be created for Ghanaians to pay and watch their stars perform, how many of these artists would love to be on these platforms and how many Ghanaians will be willing to pay for a virtual concert?

In an industry conversation on the matter, some gatekeepers in the music industry are opting for an app that allows fans to pay for a virtual experience with their favorite artists. To them, this will be a way for these musicians to stay in touch and in the minds of their fans, which obviously transfers to mentions on blogsites and the media in general; sustaining their relevance.

They also posit that traffic on such platforms could be monetized in various ways to support the concerts of these artists. Aside from the traffic, payment made on these platforms could also go to these artists and stakeholders of these platforms.

Also, this could help reduce the financial constraints some artists are facing during these hard times considering the fact that most musicians in Ghana are making nothing or very little from royalties from the music.

Though only an idea, hopefully, this initiative could be materialized and with the proper filing and monetization structure, support Ghanaian artists as they continue to do what they know best, ENTERTAIN!

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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