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What Qualifies an African Artist to Make an Appearance on Tim Westwood?

Over the years some giants in Africa’s music industry like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Manifest, Teni, Nasty C, Kwesi Arthur, Strongman Burner, AKA, Davido, YCee, Wizkid, Lil Kesh, Burna Boy, Quamina Mp to mention a few have made an appearance on the Tim West Wood platform. This platform of course exposes said artists to new markets in various parts of the world while endorsing and certifying their brands and crafts. Not forgetting the numerous fans they make after a session on Tim Westwood TV.

Yet, after spending about three months in the UK, one of Ghana’s talented young rappers, Amerado Burner, shares his experience and inability to appear on the platforms. He narrated that his link to the platform at the time told him he didn’t meet some of the criteria to make an appearance on the show. Which now begs the question: What are the Criteria for African artists to be invited to make an appearance on Tim West wood TV?

For some young acts like Strongman Burner and Quamina MP from Ghana who made an appearance on Tim West Wood TV, aside from the fact that they are talented and recognized mostly in Accra, their appearance could heavily be influenced by Connections. Connections to the right people in the team, Africa Gatekeepers, and entertainment kingpins in the UK. In some situations, young artists who are under big umbrellas like that of Strongman and Sarkcess label could also be a major contributing factor to his appearance on Tim Westwood TV.

Also, like most businesses, such shows thrive on numbers, the number of listeners an artist can amass during his time on the show. This includes a good number of listeners from the artist’s homeland, London where the show is based and other parts of the world that could all be monetized for the growth of the platform. Though this is not the case for some of the artists who perform on Tim West Wood TV.

Another factor that cannot be ignored is the talent or the works of these artists. In most cases, artists must have a monster hit in their homelands and possibly pan African hits if not global. This of course paves the way for the artists.

Not forgetting that like any other platform and institutions there are company policies and conditions at their own discretion for selection which may not have been made public knowledge.

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